Would you like to feel good about yourself?

Would you like to feel good about yourself when things go well, but how about learning to feel good about yourself, even when you make mistakes?

Learn how to improve your self-esteem and how to change your beliefs about yourself, life, wealth and more

Wealth Mindset online course

Why do this Wealth Mindset Online Course?

If we want to thrive it is important that we change our beliefs. When we release our self-sabotaging beliefs, emotions, and habits & replace them with supportive ones, our choices and actions automatically change too. ~ Hanna Kok

What is covered in The Wealth Mindset Online Course?

Why Hanna created the Wealth Mindset Online Course

  • To help people heal 
  • xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • To meet like-minded people and XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX gain practical skills, and  RESULTS

Creater BIO

  • Hanna Kok is an Educational Kinesiologist | Medical Intuitive | Allergy practitioner | and a Book Author
  • Hanna was born in the Netherlands, qualified as a Science Teacher, and moved to Lesotho in 1984
  • She is qualified in NAET Allergy Elimination and Theta Healing
  • She has successfully been running her practice since 1998
  • She is a seasoned International Speaker and Trainer
  • She has developed an APP named Affirmations to help heal allergies,  and environmental stressors – GO HERE
Hanna Kok Founder The Life you want

Hanna Kok

Founder: The Life You Want

Wealth Mindset online course

Wealth Mindset Online Course


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Why do the Wealth Mindset Online Course

Learn how to improve your self-esteem and how to change your beliefs about yourself, life, wealth and more​

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Wealth Mindset online course

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The Wealth Mindset Online Course
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